Friday, August 29, 2014

Jeeping to Darjeeling

The internet service here is terrible and we only have an hour to use it (the first 30 minutes it didn't work). I hope this posts! Ill try to get some pictures up, too
Long journey today. First a flight on Yeti Airlines to Bhadrapur, Nepal. Then we jeeped to Darjeeling, India, which is populated mostly with Tibetans and Nepalis. Its a very interesting place. I have yet to see a Westerner here but there is an amazing religious diversity. Hindus, Buddhists, and even Muslims are here in abundance. According to our driver and our guide, there are a good number of Christians here, too. Mosques and temples are ubiquitous, but I've only seen one church building and it was on the drive to Darjeeling.
The flight was good. It was really cool to see Everest and other peaks that are among the tallest in the world. I wish there would have been fewer clouds. Still awesome.
The peak of Mount Everest is the pyramid-
shaped white peak you can see amid the
clouds about 11:00 from the red dot on the
wing. This window picture doesn't do justice. 

The drive today was gruelling. It was about six hours long. 99% of it was straight up mountain roads. Scary doesn't even begin to describe it. We were flying up one-and two-lane roads that had nothing keeping you from falling 1000 feet.
Tomorrow we hope to go to the target area (I need to speak in code) border. This is the part that is the primary reason we came. We will probably be on trails and in some uncharted territory. Depending on your prayers.
A Muslim mosque in Darjeeling. 

Of course you can't tell that we're going fast, horn blowing, and there's a 900 ft. drop to the left. Our driver folded in his mirror and had inches on either side. Cool line of Jeeps, btw!

God is at work here. We are sitting now next to our guide who is a Christian Sherpa. Pretty awesome guy. I'm very excited about what God is doing here and about our prospects for starting a work.
We're only traveling with backpacks right now going as light as possible.  I AM, however taking my lice & bedbug prevention stuff! I have had perfect health and bodily functions thus far. I pray this continues. The food has been awesome. However some of the restaurants we've been in have been a bit roach infested. Yeesh!
Despite the difficulties, Jesse, Madison, and I are having a blast. Three is unending conversation and laughing.


Unknown said...

Wow! Great pics AND words. These posts are amazing. Can't wait for the next update. Stay safe, guys!

Judy Gamble said...

So inspired by your courage. Keep up the good work of the father. Pics are amazing!

Tyra said...

This is amazing! You guys are amazing! Praying!