Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Taste of Nepal (and Tibet)

We are in Kathmandu, Nepal, reconnecting with some of Madison's friends and contacts before traveling closer to our target area. We have already gotten some great leads. Here are some pictures of our day thus far.
Lunch. A Tibetan Buffalo and noodles dish with some kicking hot pepper paste. Awesome. Oh, and Darla will be pleased to know that Mountain Dew flows abundantly here--the real deal made with cane sugar. Mmmm!

The view outside the place where we ate lunch. The lady is sweeping rainwater off the street with a homemade broom.

Madison and Jesse walking on the street. Notice the rough-cut marble and slate cobblestone street. 

On a street overlooking the Tibetan population area of Kathmandu. Notice the building with a cross on on its red roof. It is the only church we've seen thus far. I think we're going to worship there Sunday. 

Very common sight: fresh produce sold at a store on the street. 

Madison walking with an old friend who was surprised to see him. It was a reunion I wish I would have gotten on camera. 

I'm drinking Nepali tea, sitting with a Buddhist monk. He's drinking American black tea. Ironic.
I'll try to post more later. Right now we have some sporadic, slow, and weak internet, and I'm having to post with my phone (my cord to get pictures from my phone to my computer is in my bag, which is still missing). We hope to get our lost bags back. That would be a good thing for you to pray for. But especially pray that God will open doors and show the way to the unreached people group he wants us to work with. That's the real prayer.


Anonymous said...

That looks fantastic. The street is a work of art! It always amazes me to see how far American culture reaches. Onward!

tyra said...

The streets are gorgeous! ! Hope the veggies are safe to eat they look yummy!