Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Productive Day

There are some amazing people here. After an early start, we ate breakfast with a Sherpa couple who have awesome testimonies of God's saving grace. The husband's uncle was there, and is also a rather recent convert. His life's story is amazing. He has a very obvious tragic injury to his face and head. I'm not trying to be shocking here, but half of his face is severely deformed from a very serious wound from very long ago. Turns out it was from being mauled by a bear when he was in his late teens.

We've met with several contacts today. One has been given an incredible opportunity to work in a closed country where we'd love to plant. He's got a close friend who is a best friend of the ruler. Like...of the country. Another contact is the only Christian in his mountain village and only one of about three in his entire people group. He is going to be our guide when we "jeep" and walk up near our target area. By the way, I love that they commonly use the word "jeep" as a verb here, even in the native language. I don't think I've seen a real Jeep (brand) vehicle here. We will ride in a Mahindra or Toyota Land Cruiser or something tomorrow. Madison promises that this several-hour 4x4 trip will be very rough, and not fun at all. We will probably not have internet service after leaving tomorrow, so it may be a couple of days before I am able to post again. Please pray for us as we fly to Darjeeling and "jeep" to the border of the closed target area. This is where it gets dicy and this is why we came. The next two days are very important.

As you have probably been able to tell, we have been doing a lot of walking throughout the town. A lot of walking. I'm constantly thinking about how cool it would be to wear a Go Pro. There is no way to describe the madness of the streets here. Motorcycles darting in and out of crowds of people walking in eight-foot-wide alleys with the occasional car wedging its way, all the while everyone is honking horns.

But the people here are great. They are interesting and most are very kind. The colors of this city are stunning. Here are some pictures. They are straight off my phone in unedited form.

I snuck the following shots while waiting for Madison who was in the bank. They were all taken within a period of two minutes.

A Buddhist monk. These guys are everywhere!

This is one I took out the window of a coffee shop.

And one more...this is me with the driver of this truck FULL of Mountain Dew!! They love it here!


Brett said...

I love that last photo. So happy to see things working out. Will be praying for a successful trip.

Judy Gamble said...

Have been p***ing for safety, trusting that our father protects you, Madison and Jesse every step of the way. P***ing that you will be able to talk about the sa****ion brought by the son.

Michael said...

I think it's awesome that the LORD is paving the way with successes like the contacts that the group has made. I Pray that it continues and that he softens the hearts of those in the target area so they will be willing to receive HIS word.