Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twenty Three

Twenty Three
By Chad Sparks 

A word that’s like no other
We know not how to speak it;
The Word and Wholly Other
All else lies far beneath it.

Protector, guide, provider
I feel your presence near me,
No arms are open wider
To love and hold and heal me.

My wants in you assuaged
All others left me longing,
Thirsty, empty, enraged
Before to you belonging.

From you my needs extinguished,
You give me rest sublime. 
Restorer of souls distinguished
From others of all time.

You map and know the way
To holiness and pleasure
Which are the same you say.
Your glory is the measure.

When the trail of life grows dark
Your presence gives me cheer;
You are my strong bulwark,
I have no use for fear.

You feed me while foes hunger.
You make me shine with health.
My heart feels pleasant languor
As one who earned great wealth. 

And what now of the morrow? 
As long as earth I roam
His grace and good will follow.
‘Til his house is my home.

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