Wednesday, July 23, 2014

He Restores My Soul

Another feeble attempt at poetry. Don't make fun! I'm just trying to exercise the right (read: creative) side of my brain, and express my heart as well. I've been dwelling on Psalm 23:3 this week. It's rich.

He Restores My Soul
by Chad Sparks

My soul, you need restoring!
My life is dry, forlorn. 
The thought of mere enduring
A dreadful, painful thorn.

The “re-” in restoration
Says something once was fresh,
Alive with foliation;
A vibrant, healthy flesh.

But now my leaves have fallen,
My skin is pale and cracked.
My sin like ragweed pollen
Has now my soul ransacked.

Do I possess the power
To change this weary soul;
Rise up like Babel’s tower
And wrest from God control?

No! I stand as helpless.
Frustration is my cell.
Useless, conquered, feckless,
Condemned to earth-bound hell.

Regardless of my straining,
No matter how I try,
There waits beyond my feigning
A higher Rock than I.

He is Righteous Creator!
How can he love this traitor?
I’m indefensible.

His Grace is my salvation
Oh how I love him so!
Beyond justification
He now restores my soul!

By grace I was forgiven;
New birth from spirit death.
By grace I am now given
New thirst, new strength, new breath!

My Shepherd is my rescue!
He stands me on my feet
So I can eat green fescue
And find delight replete!

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