Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Happy Presidents Day

What a great day! We piled in the Wagoneer (the whole family, Duncan's friend Josie, and Sparky the dog) and headed to Rhea County and hiked to Stinging Fork Falls. On the way we stopped by downtown Rockwood and ate a fantastic country meal at the Rockwood Street Grille (which included fried green tomatoes, soup beans and cornbread, greens, fried fish, grilled chicken; Drew had a big sloppy chili burger...mmmm)! After eating, we explored several antique stores there. 
Then we drove to Spring City, then took the scenic route to the trailhead. We took some pics along the way and made it to the falls. Beautiful!  The water is a deep jade blue color. The many icicles along the trail make things even more interesting.

The falls is bigger than it looks in the picture. Observe the kids to the right!

On the way home we stopped back by Rockwood again and got ice cream and shakes at an old-fashioned drugstore. Drew bought an old wooden trunk, a book, and some other stuff. All the kids want to move there! A simple, great day.

Oh, and the Wagoneer did great!! I filled up the next day and got 15 mpg!!! That's not too bad considering the mixture of highway and city driving, the hills we climbed, the 6 people + 1 dog in the car, and the fact that I've got some carburator work to do! I might be able to get 17-19 hwy. if I get everything tuned.
From the overlook at Stinging Fork gorge.

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Lorraine Furtner said...

Chad, I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad's cancer. I will pray for you, your family and your Dad as you go through this. I just found out my mom has stage 2 breast cancer metastatic to the lymph nodes. We lost my grandmother to exactly this when I was 12. It is hard to face the coming loss of those we love. Checking my grandmother into hospice last year was one of the saddest times of my life. You are not alone as you go through this. I take comfort knowing that God has written ALL of the days of his children's lives...including the day he brings us to join Him. hugs to you and your family. Lorraine Furtner