Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a start.

Significant things usually start small. This has always been the case when God sends awakenings to our nation. It starts with a few people who pray. Then it spreads. Like a mighty forest fire which begins with one match igniting dead leaves, the fire of revival sparked with prayer quenches dry hearts with God's grace, forever changing the culture for good.

Yesterday a story appeared in the Knoxville Shopper-News by Natalie Lester about the Pray For Awakening (PFA) events. It's a start.

Natalie's going to write an article each month highlighting the progress of the movement of prayer. Do you know any folks at the News Sentinel or local news channels? That could be helpful to get the word out.

Calling all bloggers...

Julie Sanders is a well-known blogger and author in Knoxville who has volunteered to help promote the PFA events. Do you blog? You can help. Here's what Julie wrote:
You are receiving this email because:

* you are a follower of Jesus
* you are a Knoxvillian
* you are a blogger

Last month a group of churches in Knoxville set aside the last Monday of each month to gather over the lunch hour (noon to 1 pm) and pray for our city and community. The first was hosted by Providence, and the next will be hosted by Northstar.

You can read about the first Prayer for Awakening in Knoxville here at Pastor Chad Sparks' blog.

Social media has so much influence among people today, but we know prayer is the most influential form of communication! We know prayer can change the lives of people in our city.We want to touch as many circles of influence as we can, so believers of Knoxville will come together to pray. Would you be willing to use your blog to get the word out with us?

Here's what we're asking:

On Friday, Feb. 25th write a blog post with this basic info:

* Prayer for Awakening in Knoxville, Monday, Feb. 28th, noon to 1 pm at Northstar Church.
* Optional: You could link to Chad's blog about the first PFA or link to Northstar here with directions
* You might want to share about a personal burden you have for Knoxville or how God has moved in your life here.
* Encourage your local friends to either come and pray at Northstar for a portion of the time OR to stop and pray where they are during that time (At the office, home, on the road?)
* Optional: You are also welcome to link up on Friday the 25th to this blog and a list of participating blogs. This helps remind us to pray, gets the word out, generates excitement, and encourages the Church. Others will be glad to find your blog too!

Whether you have a ministry blog, work blog, family blog, or other, we invite you to use your social media "voice" to share the news about Prayer for Awakening in Knoxville. We hope you'll join us via blog post on Friday, Feb. 25th!

Feel free to pass this email on to anyone else who blogs in Knoxville. If you have questions about Prayer for Awakening or linking your post (just copy the URL of your specific post title and paste it in the Linky) feel free to email, call (643-4042), Facebook, or Twitter for info.

Excited to see how God will move in our city as we gather to pray,

Feel free to have people go to PrayForAwakening.com for more information.

Yes, the biggest thing we can do is pray. But God doesn't just want us to stop there. He invites us to work with him. Together, we can make a difference.