Monday, May 24, 2010

Well, Maybe one more...

Sorry. I know I said I was done. Just found a few more pics of our last couple of days on Nevis and had to share them!

So this picture is like a screensaver or something. Just one of the many we got on our trip that made us thank God for creating it and allowing us to be here.

Is this not awesome?! This has to be my favorite (from many favorites). We were simply having the time of our lives. No schedule, no worries, no people around, just the two of us. Man! Just seeing it again whisks me away to daydream land! I'd love to be there now.

So here are some shots from a walk down our beach away from Nesbit Plantation toward the southeast. Darla didn't like the fact that I kept taking pics of her, but I just had to do it.

Ok, so I saw something on Survivorman (one of me and Dara's favorite shows) a long time ago. Les (aka Survivorman) was marooned on a beach and found a coconut with the sprout of a little tree coming out. He cracked it open and instead of the normal coconut and milk in the inside, there was a sweet solid center more like a crunchy simi-sweet bread. I totally had to find a sprouted coconut and try it for myself!!! Guess what? I did and it was sooo cool! Here's me carrying the sprouted coconut. I don't know why I get such a kick out of this kind of thing! Darla thinks I'm crazy.

The farther we walked, the more shells, coral, and cool rocks we would find. This is a pile of conch shells just lying in the sun on the beach! Can you imagine seeing something like this at Destin?! Of course not. It would make the news!

This was a cool spot where a palm tree had blown down in a storm over the water.

Another pic of the leaning coconut palm, taken from the other side. We couldn't get over this and other postcard scenes.

This is Henry the gardener. He is probably 90 years old. He moves slow, but works hard. He can barely see. He mows the yard slower than any human being I've ever seen, and he sings about Jesus the entire time!!! Henry taught me all about which coconuts are good for drinking or eating, how to get them and how to get them open. Such a nice man. Incidentally, we were driving on one of our last days and we passed a big beautiful house with gorgeous landscaping. The sign on the house said that it belonged to Henry the Gardener! You've got to love Nevis! Like the U.S. It is a place where honest people of any background or profession can succeed by hard work and wise habits.

Ok, so what would a Sparks-at-the-beach blog post be if we didn't include something about FOOD! Lunch that day was Coconut shrimp for Darla and a whopping lobster salad sandwich for me! Mmmm mmm.

Alright. I'm done. Thanks again for letting me share. Again, I hope all of you can do something like this one day. You'll have to go to the website for the Lazy Turtle Villa on Nevis (Google it) if you want to check out our place. Lara and Jane (owners) are great people.
More than anything, I pray that you all will have the blessing of having a life-mate who loves Christ. That's the best thing of all!


Susan Tucker said...

Love it, love it, love it! Thank you for allowing us to share in your anniversary celebration through your blog and photos. It has been a true joy to read about your adventure. Darla and you give so much to others, I am so happy that you took this time to treat yourselves to this well-deserved retreat. And by sharing it, you have inspired many others (including us) to cherish our spouses and to take time to nurture our relationship. Thank you. So happy you had such a memorable trip!

RB said...

Chad, have you ever been to Belize?

Anonymous said...

Those are some beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. It looks like you had a wonderful trip and a beautiful place. You both deserved it I'm glad you had a great time! What a wonderful anniversary trip to cherish!

Cynthia Brown

maggiwun said...

We're considering Lazy Turtle for our vacation next June. Could we communicate directly? My email is We are believers also. Praise the Lord!